General Corporate Law


Insurance Defense


As a result of the McHattie Law Firm’s experience and success handling complex commercial litigations in both state and federal court and before administrative bodies, we expanded our practice to bring that same level of expertise to insurance defense matters. We don’t just go through the motions; we think about what we’re doing and, in addition to getting the matter ready for trial, we devise and implement strategies and tactics designed to obtain appropriate, efficient and pragmatic results.

Given the multi-level impact of any litigation on a business (whether the business regularly deals with litigation or not), we address the facts and issues of the dispute, as well as the broader implications to both the insured and enterprise risk management. Our attorneys don’t merely look at the costs of litigation versus resolution, but also consider and provide counsel on the matter’s impact on other aspects of the business, such as long term implications, precedent, human resources, and regulatory implications and compliance. The goal is to solve a problem without creating two more.

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