Essential Steps for US Business Expansion from COVE, LLC

Essential Steps for US Business Expansion from COVE, LLC

Tomorrow, Chris McHattie is moderating a panel at Enterprise Ireland’s Ambition: North America conference in Dublin, Ireland. The panel is titled “The Nuts and Bolts of Business in the US and Canada” which will explore and discuss legal, immigration/visa, banking and tax considerations – as part of a wide ranging all day presentation by a remarkable and stellar speaker lineup.

In light of this presentation, the question is, how hard is it to break into the U.S.  market?

The myth is that it is challenging to enter the U.S. market because of expense, cumbersome regulations, geographical limitations, capital requirements, cultural hurdles, and simply a lack of understanding of the marketplace and local knowledge.  The reality is that with the right team in place, overcoming those hurdles and enjoying a thriving U.S. business is possible. Having a good team that can guide you through the “Nuts and Bolts” of the US expansion is all you need. To help make the process a little less complicated, consider these essential steps when expanding to the U.S.

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